Konohazuk H3 is now on sale.

You can buy it at MoMA Design Store in Japan, or ZenMarket online.

Konohazuk H3

The first Konohazuk series headphone set that offers the finest of Japanese quality and has a limited impact on the environment. We are taking headphone design to the next level by researching modern hand crafting techniques, using natural and earth-friendly materials, and placing an emphasis on delivering a high-quality sound that comes out crisp and clear.

Music through wood

Development in woodworking technology has produced a variety of musical products, such as percussion instruments and string instruments. Additionally, many audio speakers and acoustic panels in concert halls are also made of wood. From a scientific perspective, it has been found that the reverberation and attenuation rates of sounds within wood are suitable for the listeners.

The H3's body is made of Japanese beech wood that maximizes musical sounds. This not only adds value to the H3, but also sets it apart from other headphones, making it special and unique.

Japanese Craftmanship

The wood that makes up the H3 originates in the Iwate Prefecture. The flexible headband is constructed out of thin sheets of wooden veneer that are gently applied in a curved shaped in order to fit any head size. Every ear-cup is carved precisely on a CNC machine and hand finished and polished. Memory foam ear pads covered in soft PU leather and stitched fabric provide extra comfort for wearers.

Acoustic Sound Quality

The H3 has an enhanced 40mm speaker driver, finely tuned in order to create a balanced, natural sound. The ear cups offer effortless noise isolation, and minimize any ambient noise. Beautifully constructed with a look that is sleek and simple, with natural properties and characteristics, these headphones are guaranteed to provide an audio quality that will create a pleasant experience for any user.

Comfort while Listening

In order to achieve a comfortable fit while wearing for long periods of time, we have developed a unique joint mechanism to flexibly adapt to various heads sizes. The band made of molded plywood is able to withstand a sufficient amount of lateral pressure. It has the ability to adjust to your head gradually while you are wearing it. Furthermore, because of the soft ear pads, your ear will not tire, even after long periods of listening.

Minimal Design

These are not simply a pair of headphones, but crafts created out of natural materials that are simultaneously minimally designed, environmentally friendly, and finely constructed in such a way that will guarantee their users to love and enjoy them after every use.


Type: Closed-back dynamic
Earpad: On-ear, PU leather
Plug: L-type, 3.5mm
Cord length: 1.5m
Weight: 120g


Driver: 40mm
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 32Ω
Power Handling capacity 1000mW(IEC)

Release Date/Price

Release date: 2018 in Global
Price: 19800 JPY

Please Check each price for each country


※ The image, price and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Save the forest

In order to not proceed the use of wood in Japan, appropriate logging is not performed. Devastation and the aging of the forest has become a problem. In order to promote tree planting, maintenance and the conservation, We will effectively utilize trees.

About Konohazuk

Audio Products

In 2010, Yuki IIDA founded own design studio and Beating that develops various wooden instruments. In 2015, Konohazuk was founded, led by Yuki Iida and Yuka Matsuzaki. Yuki, who studied in Product Design, is the creative director and organizer of the development of the Konohazuk. Yuka is in charge of the accounting activity for the company. Yuki and Yuka have a strong passion for music as well as for spending time enjoying nature.

Design Division: Konohazuk Design
Instrument Division: beating